Next we will make a short tour around the interior 1700 m2 of the museum where we have recreated, down to the last detail, spaces and settings of everyday life of our predecessors.

    • THE WEAVER: The wool. The linen. Tailor. Dressmaker. Ironing. Cobbler. Sandal maker. espadrille maker.
    • THE DRINK: The honey. The winepress, the cider, basque wine.
    • THE HOME: Cheese making. Bread making. The kitchen. Slaughtering the pig.
    • THE WORK: The carpenter. The blacksmith. The horseshoe maker. The stonemason. The bricklyer.
    • THE TRANSPORT: The cartwright. The basketmaker.
    • THE CROP: Harvesting. Threshing.
    • THE FARMER: Working the land. Sowing. Harvesting. Farming implements.
    • THE STABLE: The stable. The farm. The henhouse.